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Hollow Wood Standup Paddleboard Build Blog


We are doing a workshop on Tuesday Nights in October on Stitch and Glue Paddleboard building.  It is free to attend and we'll be blogging the progress at supbuilding.blogspot.com

SUP Surfing

We had a little swell come through last week and instead of battling it out with the 6 longboarders at the well known local surf spot I opted to give SUP surfing a try at a nice lonely spot where I had 3 breaks of my choosing...... There may be something to the SUP surfing [...]

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New Items - Leashes, Traction, COLD Wax

We just got in a new selection of surfboard and SUP leashes as well as SUP traction pads and COLD water wax (Sticky Bumps) Leashes are 6' Comp, 6', 7', 8', and 9' regular, and 10' SUP. The SUP pad is a nine piece pad so you can size it up or down to fit the deck [...]

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Foam in NOW!

We just got a shipment of US blanks in and our racks are full! This summer has started off with a bang! Good weather and decent waves so either send in your order for blanks or come and pick up some foam.

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Pictures from the May Board Building demo

Here are some pictures from May's demo: We did a green acid splash bottom lam that was a lot of fun to do.  The crew was a little concerned when I told them what color I wanted to do but they were pleasantly surprised.  We also did pinstriping, black outside line, white inside. Wetting out the bottom Concentration, no pressure, [...]

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Surfboard Building Demo May 10th 6-8pm at our facility

Thursday May 10th we will be hosting a surfboard/paddleboard building demonstration here at our shop in Burlington WA from 6-8pm. This is a great way to come see how a board is built, get your questions answered about board building and meet other shapers/glassers. We will cover shaping, glassing, and some art techniques.  If there is something [...]

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Thanksgiving Holiday - Looking For Surf in the Islands

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend!  We did! Spent some time looking for surf and while we didn't find any my buddy did bring up his wood surfboard that he just finished and is ready to glass.  I'll have more pictures of that soon. Matthew

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New Website

Hello and welcome to our new website.  We are part of fiberglass supply and in an effort to better serve the customer we decided to branch off a new website, theshapingshack.com that deals solely with surfboard building supplies.   Our company has been in the surfboard building industry for a very, very long time.  We were [...]

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