Surfboard Resins

We carry both polyester resins and epoxy resins for use in surfboard construction. pigmented-resin.jpg

Polyester resins are the industry standard and have been used for years.  Polyester is only compatible with urethane blanks and IS not compatible with styrofoam blanks (EPS, XPS etc.).  Our polyester resin is made in the USA and contains UV inhibitors.  Polyester Resin requires MEKP to harden and surface agent is required to make sanding or hotcoating resin.

Epoxy resins have higher physical properties than polyester resins and are compatible with all types of foam.  We carry the Resin Research CE and Kwik Kick epoxy resins.  They both contain UV inhibitors as well as a light blue tint to optically brighten the resin (it makes the resin look whiter). Epoxies harden with the addition of hardener which is part of the kit package.

In gallon cans and smaller both resin types ship regular UPS with no additional charges.  5 gallon containers of polyester resin or Epoxy Hardener are HazMat shipping and incur extra charges when shipped UPS.  Shipments shipping via truck are not subject to the extra hazmat charges.  Often if you are ordering blanks the resin can ship along (as well as other items) with the blanks at no additional charge.