Polyester Surfboard Resins

We offer three polyester resins for surfboard work, laminating resin, UV cure resin, and gloss resin.  Laminating resin and UV cure are the same base resin, UV cure has a curing agent added to it that causes the resin to cure when exposed to UV light, more on this below.  They both cure with a surface tack so that subsequent layers can be added without sanding first.  To get the resin to cure tack free surface agent needs to be added to it, typically at a rate of 3-5 percent.  

Gloss resin is a finishing resin that already contains wax (surface agent).  Gloss resin is designed to cure in a very thin layer and has a higher hardness and heat resistance so that it can be buffed up to a very high gloss.

Resin and hardener are sold seperately, we recommend purchasing 4oz of MEKP per gallon of resin.

MEKP in larger than 4oz is hazmat and is more economical to ship in 4oz containers than larger containers if going UPS.   If we are shipping it on a truck with other items we can send whatever size you like with no hazmat charges.

Resin in 1 gallon or smaller containers can ship UPS ground without any additional charges. 5 gallon containers will incur hazmat charges on UPS and drums must ship via truck.  Again if your order is large enough or contains blanks the order will ship via truck and there are no hazmat charges on truck shipments.