Resin Research Epoxy

Resin Research Epoxy is a 2 part epoxy that was developed specifically for manufacturing surfboards.  Resin Research Epoxy is UV stable, contains UV inhibitors so that when used over polyurethane surfboard blanks it protects the foam from yellowing, and contains a slight amount of blue tint so that the surfboard will appear whiter.  

We stock Resin Research in the 2000CE version with both fast and slow hardeners and also Kwik Kick. Resin Research CE is the "standard" that most epoxy surfboard builders use and has a very nice low viscosity and wets out nicely.  Additive F can be used to make the resin easier to sand and to aid in getting the resin to flow out when fill coating (hot coating).  Hardeners can be blended to get custom curing speeds.  Remember epoxies must always be mixed at the proper ratio (in this case 2 parts resin to 1 part hardener) mixing off ratio will cause them to not cure properly.  If you need the resin to cure faster or slower change hardeners or change the temperature you are working in.

Resin Research Kwik Kick Epoxy is a more viscous epoxy that is designed for hot coating surfboards as well as installing fin boxes and leash cups.  Kwik Kick has a slightly shorter working time that the 2000CE Fast epoxy, and develops its cure much faster once it begins to cure.  It also develops less heat as it cures meaning that with EPS or polystyrene surfboard blanks it is less likely to melt the foam when installing leash cups or FCS Fins.  Kwik Kick only comes in one hardener speed: Fast.

We can ship Resin Research anywhere in the lower 48 and most everywhere in Canada.  It cannot go via US Mail so unless we are shipping via barge we cannot ship it to Hawaii or Alaska. Same deal for overseas customers.