Wood Surfboard Frame Kits

hollow-wood-surfboard-frame.jpgWe are excited to now be offering precision cut cnc frame kits for hollow wood surfboard kits. 

Frame kits are offered in 9 different sizes.  Each kit contains precision cut plywood frame parts, instruction manual in PDF format.

Fiberglass kits (sold separately) contain the appropriate amount of fiberglass cloth, epoxy resin, fins and leash cup.

Once the frame is assembled the board is built similarly to a strip built canoe or kayak with the wood of your choice. 


The Chameleon

The “Chameleon” is a cross between a longboard and performance hybrid.  When built according to the plans, this retro style egg board lets you make the most of any size surf. It paddles like a dream so you’ll catch waves earlier and more often. You can also add speeed and moaveuverablility by sharpening the nose and making the tail more pointed.

The Cruiser

103-0085.jpgThe Cruiser is a classic lonboard with its roots in the 60’s . Build it with retro 50-50 rails for that sweet paddling nostalgic feel or harden up the rails for a board that turns on a dime and hugs the waves tightly.  It’s got just enough rocker to be forgiving on late takeoofs but still has speed down the line.  Be prepared to spend some serious nose time with this board.

Fast Lucy Retro Fish

Fast lucy is fast, loose, and fun. Great for smaller summer surf she’ll still crank on head high days. Catches waves like a longboard but lets you shred. If you are making the transition from longboard to shortboard this is the way to go.  We built ours as a retro twon fin and if you buy the glassing kit you will get two glass-on fins so you can too.

King Fish

King Fish is a fish for bigger riders. It is a scaled up version of the fast lucy for bigger surf and riders.  Still fast, loose, and fun. You can build it with one to 5 fins. It can also be trimmed to a more manageable 22 or 23” width once the deck and bottom are planked.

The Orca and The Lake Superior

103-0088.jpgDesigned for stand up paddling, which requires maximum flotation and stability. The Orca has a flat bottom and enough rocker that it is at home paddling into a wave. The round rails and high volume make for effortless paddling, whether you are catching waves the way the ancient Hawaiians did or simply cruising the bay. The lake Superior has slightly less nose and tail rocer thant the Orca because it doesn’t have to contend with waves.  Throw away the treadmill-either one of these boards is all the workout you’ll need.

Mini Mal

This board is best described as a lonboard that handles like a shorboard. It’s the best of boath worlds! The rounded nose template lets you catch more waves. The wide mid-point makes for stability and it paddles like a lonboard.  The tail template is inspired by a shortboard so you can rip those tight turns with just a little pressure on the tail.

The Gordo & the Muy Gordo

This classic Big Boy surfboard catches waves easily and is stable enough to be used as a SUP. You’ll get more waves in one session than you eer thought possible.  And just because it’s big doesn’t mean its clumsy.  The rails have been pinched slightly to give it agility and performance; the type of ride you can only get from a wood board. We fattened up the rails on our Muy Gordo to give the board a little more volume. The result is a surfboard that will float even the biggest guys and also can be used as a mini Stand Up Paddle board.