Wood Surfboard Frame Kits - Fish Shapes

"Fast Lucy" is fast, loose, and fun. Great for smaller summer surf she'll still crank on head-high days. If you are making the transition from llongboard to shortboard this is the way to go.

Finished Length 5'6" - Width 22" - Nose 18" - Tail 19 1/24" - Thickness 2 1/4"

"The Midfish" comes in right between our smallest and biggest fish. Like its two cousins its still fast, loose, and fun - just a little bigger. Any fin combination you can think of will work.

Finished Length 6'0" - Width 24" - Nose 20" - Tail 21 1/4" - Thickness 2 1/2"

"The Kingfish" is our largest fish. It was designed for bigger surfers who still like to rip. Still fast, loose, and fun- just bigger. Like the other fish you can build it with any fin combination.

Finished Length 6'6" - Width 26" - Nose 22" - Tail 23 1/4" - Thickness 2 5/8"

This kit is a complete frame including ribs and spar(stringer). Also included is an assembly manual containing more than 160 color illustrations covering everything from laying out the frame to glassing and installing fins.

Pricing Includes shipping to the US Lower 48 states.