The Muy Gordo 10' Wood Surfboard Frame Kit

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The Muy Gordo 10' Wood Surfboard Frame Kit

Has the same basic measurements as the 
Gordo, its just a little more volume.  And more volume means 
better flotation. Catches waves easily and can even  be used as a 
smaller Stand Up Paddlenpard. You'll catch waves easier than you 
knew was possible.  

10’ 0” Longboard
Width – 23 3/4"
Nose – 19 1/2"
Tail – 15 "
Thickness – 3 3/4 in.

This Kit contains a complete frame consisting of ribs and main 
spar (stringer) as well as an assembly manual in PDF format 
covering every step. The manual is emailed directly to you and you 
are licensed to save and/or print copies for personal use.  You will 
need wood for the outside planking, fiberglass, glue, sandpaper 
and common tools  to complete the kit.

Cost of $195.00 Includes Shipping Charges within the contiguous U.S. Kit costs $210.00 including shipping when shipping globally.