Sunshield UV Clear Coat Gallon

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Gallon Duratec Sunshield UV Clear Coat

Duratec Sunshield is a UV inhibited polyester clear coat that provides UV protection to the underlying laminate/resin system that is ultra clear providing the pop and depth that you are looking for on clear coated parts. 

Sunshield features the ability to build up thick coats, up to 18 mils (0.018"). It cures to a hard durable surface that can be wetsanded and buffed or left as is. 

Can be used as an in mold coating or as a post paint operation.  

In post paint operations if the part being sprayed has a lot of surface porosity, spray on a light coat, then squeegee the coat into the pinholes, then spray on the desired topcoat. 

Can be used as an in mold coating with epoxy parts.  Contact us for details.

Application instructions can be found here.